Podcast Interview of the author, about “The Pen, Sultan’s Wisdom”

Hello,        2/28/2020

I have completed the final draft of The PEN and sent it off to the editor. This is the first step in the publishing process I have taken to get the story out to you ! So, stay tuned, the ebook version is expected to be available in March 2020.

Hello fellow Dream Traveler ! 3/28/2020

The editing is done, and the book manuscript is off to the printers. So , next will be setting up distribution, so readers can get a copy.

I expect it to be on the shelves sometime in late April, or May, 2020

Hello, 6/6/2020

Things are going very well, but had a few technical delays. We are over those now and have our first release of the book.

The ebook version of The Pen is now AVAILABLE at

The paperback version is in final review and should be in print in the month of July this year !

The hardback version is still in the works, but stay tuned ! it will be here before you know it.

Hi, 1/7/21

The final paperback version is here !! You can see it on all online retailers !