About The Author

Dennis Galloway has lived in many places in the world, both growing up and while in the military. Immersed in a variety of cultures, he had a wide range of experiences that could not be gained from reading books or taking courses. He incorporates many of these experiences in his writing so the characters you meet feel real and the places he writes about make you feel you really are there.

Dennis grew up with a vivid , active imagination that sometimes got him in trouble at school for daydreaming, but served him well in developing unique and exciting stories. His imagination also provided him with ideas in the creating videos, photography and product development.

He has experience in acting on stage and behind the camera in productions in Hollywood, as well as writing, producing and creating video series of his own.

Dennis’s stories have been incorporated in documentaries, videos, podcast programs, articles, short stories , novels and more, that cover a wide range of venues from children’s stories to adult fiction.